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Dynamics 365 UCI Reference Panels – Sub Grid Rendering

If you haven’t noticed the Reference Panel option in Dynamics 365 CE then take a look. Reference Panels can render Sub grids in one section through the Unified Interface (UCI). It does this by providing tab buttons for users to navigate between them. This makes for a very nice user experience and cleans up the clutter on the form.

The other nice thing about the Reference Panel is that instead of using the view drop down selector on a sub grid for users to change views, you can use buttons instead. Just add multiple grids with the desired view to the reference panel and add a nice button to click on.

Doing a quick Google search didn’t show up much about Reference Panels. But you can find some info here right down the bottom of the link:

Setting up Reference Panels

The setup is just like any other section and sub grid on the form however you select a reference panel to start with then add your sub grids to it.

When adding a sub grid you are presented with a new option to specify the Tab Icon. Just take note to use SVG images as these work nicely on the unified interface. Also keep in mind this can be an entity icon or you can have specific icons which fit the meaning of the tab. For example, you can have two sub grids referencing the same entity but specify a different view so have an icon to identify the meaning of the view. Like an icon to identify Closed Events vs. Open Events.

Add each sub grid into the Reference Panel under each other. Once configured with the required sub grids, publish the form and open in the unified interface.

Account Form - Reference Panel

The reference panel will render differently if using a higher or lower resolution. Above is a small resolution but on a larger screen the tab buttons are on the right of the section.

Now all that is left is to play around and click on each button to display each sub grid. I configured Employees and Connections as two different grids with a Employee and Network icon to try and change things up.

There you have it reference panels provide another tool in the toolkit to improve the user interface and the user experience.

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