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Emoji’s for Dynamics 365 Optionsets

This has been around for a while but you can add Emoji’s to option sets in Dynamics 365. This can be very useful if you want to avoid adding JavaScript functions to your columns.

Emoji’s are a standard so you can grab them from any website.

Select the Emoji you want to use in your option set and copy it. I have a simple Happy Customer optionset field in Dynamics 365 with happy and sad face to display how my contacts are feeling.

Paste the emoji directly into the label of your optionset item and the browser will render it automatically.

Once you save and publish you can set the value of the optionset using for example a workflow. This could be based on Azure cognitive services through sentiment analysis.

Add the field to your view and presto, visually distinguish your customers easily with Emoji’s.

Note: Emoji’s look different in each browser so keep that in mind 🙂

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